Camo boys sex

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Camo boys sex

Finally, Jim Bob talks about something other than sex: He advises Jinger that the key to hunting is .

A few weeks ago she basically laid out her plan for running away to the big city and finding a guy who will give her coffee — is that a euphemism?Jinger isn't even the oldest female Duggar, but I think that Jim Bob knew her forbidden thoughts about not wanting to be a Quiverfull mother, and that's why he arranged this very special “birds and the bees” talk.I can just imagine him and Michelle talking about the kids: “Well, we know that Jana's drinking the Kool Aid and Jill's on her way there, too, but we have to be very careful around Jinger.” And of course Spook just stands there laughing.Mostly, though, I think he likes to watch Jinger squirm.Seriously, you'd think he orchestrated the whole turkey hunt around this!

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— but as we learned on “Hunting and House Guests,” actions speak louder than words.