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The words basket, bulrush, pitch, reed, river and (river) banks all have Egyptian cognates. Why would the author use Egyptian details to describe Palestine, unless he actually grew up in Egypt –not Palestine –as the Pentateuch claims?

This factor strongly reflects the Egyptian setting and origin of the biblical story.” The author even describes details about Jordan in comparison to Egypt (Gen. Joseph lives for 110 years, which was the ideal life span for an Egyptian –symbolic for wisdom or blessing.

One such example is Ptahhotep, who left to posterity a wisdom text from c. Another individual was Amenhotep, son of Hapu, who served Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1390-1352 BC). If a pagan king mentions Israel’s control of Palestine at this time (especially in the north! 78, 105, 106, 135, 136), plagues in Egypt (Amos ), the poles of the Ark (1 Chron.

Will you repeat yourself and have different style over 40 years of writing? Obviously, readers of the Bible have made this observation for millennia.

Instead, we need to base our judgment on all of the collective chapters combined. This would be similar to a historian using a modern name for a city, rather than using its ancient name.

CLAIM: In certain points of the Pentateuch, later names are used in the text. For instance, a tour guide might say that two Native American tribes fought over the territory of Kentucky, rather than giving the Iroquois name , which was used three hundred years ago.

Archer observes, “Conceivably every historical record in the Bible could be verified by archeological discovery and the rationalist would still affirm his antisupernatural position.”.

When doing history, we should approach the text (whether secular or sacred) based on the claims it makes about itself –unless we are given good reasons to deny these claims. Whenever a passage doesn’t align with the JEDP theory, a “redactor” or “interpolator” is theorized to keep the theory afloat. For example, the author of Genesis focuses on Shechem, while a post-exilic author would surely focus on Jerusalem.

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