Richie and sybil dating

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Bosses change, and what was OK one day might not be OK the next.

Accounting for everyone's claimed shock at their sacking.

" While exchanging foot-tap-to-the-shin alerts under the table with Sybil about Williams' irrational cadence and preposterous content, I attempt to explain to my partner of three years that CBS pink slips would surely beat the CNN news trucks to us.

After re reading Whitt's last two blog posts and looking at the Twitter material it's very obvious that my buddy while maybe not in the direct know, does know enough to have the gist of the heart of the matter.

Everyone was having way too good of a time, but in their own ways.

Everything was OK'd and permitted by the 2 regimes prior to Spittle.

Some of that Twitter material and some of the things said are the sorts of things that any properly or sanely run work place steers well clear of. Basically Spittle was brought in to clean up and clean house. Buddy says he's heard that there will be more changes but nothing mind blowing like The Ticket and The FAN merging or the whole thing going national.

Spittle is most likely watching each show closely until around mid July and at that time see who if anyone needs to be replaced by new talent.

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Wanting special favors, access, deals, and stuff like that. Kinda like the ads, Ra GE and the management before Spittle and the receptionists and everyone else had all gotten way too close.

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